About Us

“Lifeline of Listening Friends” is organized by volunteers to help those who've lost a loved one journey through the grieving process.

In today's society people are expected to ‘get-over’ the loss of a loved one quickly. This is not always realistic. We know that there are many ways to grieve. We support each person’s right to grieve in an individual and unique fashion.

Loss is a part of everyone’s life at some point. Each person reacts to loss in a personal way. As well as the emotional response, loss also has behavioral, intellectual and physical dimensions. Response to loss is varied and influenced by beliefs and practices. What is often most needed is a place where a person can talk about their loss openly; with people who will listen; where they will not be judged or told how to feel.

  • Helps survivors feel less isolated
  • Provides reassurance that healing is possible
  • Provides an opportunity to talk openly with others who understands
  • Provides a space for survivors to learn from and support each other
  • Suicide Loss Support Group

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